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A personal assistant that coordinates get-togethers using your favorite chat app.

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Max is a friendly assistant that helps your chat group coordinate the next get-together.
Some things that he will help you with:
  • Keep track of who is coming
  • Find a place to meet
  • Make sure everyone responds and knows what is going on
  • Remind about the upcoming event so people won't miss it or arrive late
  • See that everyone knows what to bring
With Max in the group, there is no more confusion. He'll make sure that you actually meet.

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"No more when, where and who's coming. Max keeps track of all the logistics."
—David West

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"Since we added Max to our group, it's never been so easy to organize our soccer games."
—Aiden Miller

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"It's great having Max reminding us when we are meeting and who's bringing what."
—Leah Hill
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Create, organize & manage events

Max is a personal assistant that helps groups create, organize and manage events via chat applications. Max can help you schedule any type of get-together, from soccer or basketball, to poker or a night on the town.
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Stay informed & never miss out

By chatting with Max, you can see who’s coming, who hasn’t replied, when and where you’re meeting and more. Max will even send you reminders about upcoming events so you won’t miss anything and suggest new events if you haven’t met in a while.
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Private & secured

Your trust means everything to us. That’s why security and privacy are fundamental to the design of our service. Your data and communication is secured with strong encryption. We respect your privacy and do not tolerate spam. We will never sell or share your data with anyone else - it belongs to you.
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How do I start using Max with my group?

Select your favorite chat app to get started:


Q: What kind of things can I use Max for?
Max helps you create, organize and manage events with your friends.
Q: What types of events can Max help me schedule?
Max can help you schedule any type of get-together, from soccer or basketball, to poker or a night on the town.
Q: Do I need to install anything?
No installation is necessary. All you need to do is add Max to your chat group.
If you want to get more from Max, you can install MaxApp from the AppStore or Google Play.
Q: Does it cost me anything?
No. Max is completely free.
Q: What happens with my messages?
Max is part of the conversation and responds to some messages.
We respect your privacy and will never sell or share your data with anyone else - it belongs to you. Whatever you do in your group - stays in the group.
Q: How do I uninstall Max?
To stop using Max, just remove Max from your chat group or uninstall MaxApp.
Q: How do I use Max?
Once Max is part of your chat group, you'll receive instructions on how to get started. You can see more information in our help page.

How do I get Max for my group?

Get Max
No installation or registration needed
After adding Max as a member to your group, you will be able to chat with him in order to create, organize and manage events with friends.